Becoming a Real Foreigner

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Some of us  have been to some foreign countries in Asia, but we have never felt weve been to a real foreign country before, because people’s physical appearances and their cultures have been similar to our own. However,  after arriving in Uganda, we realized we were in a different world.

About 7:30 pm on May 8th, we sat on the plane, and I felt that it was like another new world. Most passengers were black people, and so were the flight attendants. I sat there, and I found that hundreds of different eyes from other passengers focused on us for several seconds and then moved, which made me feel that I was a foreigner for the first time.    Read the rest of this entry »

Ugandans Learn Chinese Language

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Debbie  introduces herself with her Chinese name “De Bi,” although she just began to learn the language several weeks ago. Although she is only a 22 year-old Ugandan from a small town Makindye, she knows well  Meng Jiangnu’s “Bitter Weeping,” a romance story set at the Great Wall in Qin Dynasty.

     “I really love Chinese. I hope I can go to China someday and communicate with them in Chinese,” she said.

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