The J-School’s Global Media Honors Program will offer an opportunity for six students to journey to Kathmandu, Nepal this summer beginning approximately in the middle of June, to report on and study in the country. The trip will be led by program director, John Noonan. Four students will be selected from the new Global Media Honors Program for the study and reporting trip, and two students (one post-graduate, one upperclassman) will be selected for a summer-long internship in the Kathmandu office of the China News Service. (*Note: Preference will be given to highly-qualified students who have not yet had or have had few international travel opportunities.)


Internship Description:

The J-School’s Global Media Honors Program will offer an opportunity for one highly qualified post-graduate student and one highly-qualified upperclassman (3rd or 4th year student) to participate in a summer internship with the China News Service in its Kathmandu, Nepal bureau. The two students will work under the guidance of CNS bureau chief Fu Yongkang (a graduate of the master’s program at STU J-School), to research, report, write and generally contribute to the newsroom efforts of the CNS bureau. Strong Chinese-language and English-language reporting and writing skills are required. Accommodation, airfare, and transportation will be provided by the J-School, but students should expect to pay for their own meals for the internship (roughly $10-20 USD per day). The length of the internship will be approximately mid-June through the duration of the summer, to be determined by personal arrangement of CNS staff and the student(s). Highly qualified students in need may qualify for financial aid.


Phewa lake, Pokhara from

Study Reporting Trip Description:

Four members of the new Global Media Honors Program will be selected for the two-week long study/reporting trip to Kathmandu and other locations in Nepal. Upon arriving in Kathmandu, the group will be met by accomplished Nepalese journalist and former STU J-School teacher Binod Bhattarai, currently living in Kathmandu. Binod will serve as trip co-leader, and will set up reporting possibilities on the Chinese community in the city of Pokhara, which students will visit, wildlife trafficking/environmental issues, particularly in Chitwan National Park, which students will also visit, and other opportunities. Students will be expected to produce Chinese language and English-language articles and other media from the trip.

Accommodation, airfare, and transportation, will be provided by the J-School, but students should expect to bring $300-$500 USD for food and personal expenses. Highly qualified students in need may qualify for financial aid.

Applicant Requirements and Desired Qualities

Students selected for the trip should be prepared to take on the responsibility of trip co-organizers, as there is only one J-School teacher involved. Students should also be prepared to meet informally once a week in a seminar setting with John Noonan, to study, prepare, and discuss trip arrangements for Nepal.

Applicants should be strong English-language and Chinese-language writers, responsible reporters, flexible in their needs and expectations, and be able to maintain a positive attitude in difficult situations. They should be hard-working, and be able to work well in a team. They should be extremely curious about other countries and cultures; as Nepal is a poor, developing country, they should be willing and eager to deal with a hardship destination — and be able to maintain a positive attitude while doing so. Candidates should be in good physical health, and be flexible in dietary requirements. Any chosen applicant should put all their effort into contributing to and learning from the opportunity on the trip/internship, and make a positive contribution to the J-School through their experience.

All applicants should submit the application associated with the study/reporting trip and internship, including their news writing sample, by 8:00 p.m. Sunday, March 29th . Please e-mail applications to Winnie Xu at

Good Luck!




Global Media Honors Program Study/Reporting Trip and CNS Internship