Cooperation Project between STU J-School and UBC J-School won gold

China’s Generation Green, a cooperation project between STU J-School and UBC J-School, won the Best Interactive Story of Canadian Online Publishing Awards in 2014.  China’s Generation Green started from September, 2013 and lasted half a year. In December, 2012, student participants from STU J-School went to Yunnan, Sichuan, Henan, Beijing, Shanghai, and other places to interview and do researches, together with faculties and students from UBC. STU participants were: Zia Yujuan, Wu Haiyan, Yang Xiaoqing, Zhang Zhenzhen, Yao Yonglin, Lin Xiaohong, and Luo Yacong.   Link of COPA Aw...

Associate Professor Xie Lin won the Photography Awards

Associate Professor Xie Lin from J-school of STU won the Theory of Photography Awards in the 10th China Photography Awards, whose ceremony was held in Ningbo, 8th Jan. 2015. There were 293 people participating in the 10th China Photography Awards and 26 people wining prizes(not include Lifetime Achievement Awards). There are only 5 winners in Guangdong Province. Despite the slimmest odds of 10.2% to win a prize, Pro.Xie received this award with her book Dialogue with Gong Yuan( a photographic factory), which was base on oral history. It took her 3 years to interview 45 elders of Gong Yua...