Alumnus back to school – Internship exchange meeting

Speaker: Ruifeng Xu, a broadcast journalism major who graduated from Shantou University in 2007, then worked as an editor in 21CN and later a reporter in Southern Metropolis Daily, and currently works as a manager of public relations in Qihu 360.

Time and Place: 16:10-17:30, June 3rd, 2014 in E208

Content of the Meeting

The Secret of Internship

If you have read Don’t let unconsciousness get in your way and are interested in the sequel, then don’t miss this exchange meeting.

The author of this article has recommended over a hundred students to take intern jobs in media over the last few years. Countless stories about alumni have been told. But this time, the author is telling a story about you.

Whether you are excited about the upcoming internship, or anxious about employment in the future, this might be the meeting that’s most worth attending and listening to before you leave school.

If you haven’t got an internship or a job yet, please bring along your CV. You’ll get to listen to extra bonus content – the secret of CV.