Alumni gathering held in Shenzhen 2014

Events on 29 Mar , 2015

Over 70 graduates of STU J-school gathered in Shenzhen in Nov 22 2014 to celebrate the 7th reunion of Alumni.

Huang He and Lin Huang, directors from Shenzhen Television Station,  shared their  work experience and showed their appreciation to the school for providing them with practice opportunities. They also expressed their willing to donate for helping the juniors.


The Alumni Association President Chen Rongyan introduced the association’s work and  proposals of donation. In 2013, the association promoted the internship program, providing subsidy for  students who needed help to do internship. The program have helped 32 students since 2012.  The Alumni Association also started Mentor Plan since 2012, invited 13 alumni to help 24 junior students.


The alumni also raised fund during the reunion. Total 10690.5 yuan was raised. The fund will be used to subsidy the junior students who need help.