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Our post-graduate program is aimed at supporting the growth of all-rounded talents, who are capable of handling the challenges of modernity, globalization and the international stage. They will become leaders of development in the society and the economy, well equipped in character, knowledge and strength.

Special Features

 International Outlook

Our goal is to nurture an international outlook in our post-graduate students. The pillars of the course are international perspective and bilingualism. The topics of study cover the latest global issues and the research methodologies adopted are in line with prevailing international perspectives on journalism studies. Our students constantly keep in pace with global trends and developments through wide exposure to a series of topical lectures, participation in international academic exchanges and close working relationships with the foreign faculty in our school.


The emphasis of our course is the integration of theory and practice of journalism. Through the empirical study of journalism and communication, our students are actively engaged in research projects so as to maximize fulfillment of their academic potential. In a holistic manner, they are supported to develop individually as self-disciplined and independent innovators, who are the same time initiated team players.

Forward Looking

We recognize the need to constantly strive to stay ahead and be at the forefront of development. Our course is designed to keep abreast with changes in educational methods, developments in the international media and research trends in global journalism and communications. It combines elements of understanding the latest media technology, programs, management and ideas, with the unique environment in China.

Research Focus

Our post-graduate students can select one of the following four  focus areas for their research studies:

International Journalism

Close attention is paid in this focus on the latest developments and trends in international journalism. The scope of research in the international journalism covers the situation, patterns and issues in the global news media and international news communications; China’s communication strategy to the world and related issues; methods of reporting; and the challenges to the Chinese media’s development and competition on the international stage.

New Media

The research focus covers the emergence and development of the internet and other forms of new media; their relationship with the traditional media; the impact of these revolutionary changes on the developments in society, economy and cultural; and the challenges posed by the new media to existing theories in journalism and communications. The research approach integrates both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Media Law

The research emphasis of this focus is on laws that shape the functioning of the media, such as those related to privacy, defamation, copyright, media content ownership management etc. Issues explored include development trends, the path and directions of reform, and comparisons between the legal systems in China and overseas.

Journalism in Practice

The aim of this focus is to cultivate in our students with an international perspective and familiarity with the frameworks and contrasts between journalism in the Chinese and English language worlds. Interpretations of the history, progress and experiences in Sino-foreign news affairs will be sought. The state of affairs of journalism in practice, development trends and directions of the global media industry will be looked into. Through practical learning, our student can expect to gain enrichment in knowledge, practical skills and professionalism.