Mission Statement

The Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication is committed to educating and training the next generation of media professionals and scholars in China’s rapidly changing media environment.

Since its inception in 2003, the school has fostered a Western-style model of journalism education that combines courses in liberal arts with journalism theory and practice – making it a truly unique journalism institution within the modern Chinese context.

The time-honored principles of truth, accuracy and social responsibility guide the development of a curriculum based on scholarly research and professional skills.

As part of this model, the school has initiated the following:

  • Created a combination of theoretical and skills-oriented courses that promote critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving and practical skills to prepare students for a competitive media market.
  • Established a strong international component, including collaboration with journalists and academic institutions worldwide.
  • Developed a dedicated, diverse faculty with a mix of academic and professional backgrounds.
  • Provided study and research in media ethics, including case studies, theory, and practical application that reflect universal ethical standards and the realities journalists face in China.
  • Initiated curriculum reform with emphasis on new media and modern communication technologies, multi-media storytelling, and other components of journalism in the digital era.
  • Promoted diversity through research, classroom application and workshops that deal with gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity as reflected in Chinese society.
  • Provided real-world experience through internships, student media and classroom projects in reporting, photography, and multi-media platforms.

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong ties with our alumni and with colleagues in international journalism programs. We welcome their input as we continue to grow and develop into one of China’s most cutting-edge journalism programs.