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English Chinese
Liberal Arts Ancient Chinese  Literature* 古代汉语 [JOU1102A] 2 The basic knowledge  of developments of Chinese language and literary genres, such as poetry, prose and songs in ancient China.  Reading and interpretation of classical works.
Studies of Contemporary Chinese Language* 现代汉语 [JOU1001A] 2 Focuses on the basic knowledge and skills of modern Chinese language, a variety of language phenomena , problems of grammar and rhetoric  of Contemporary Chinese.
Modern Chinese Literature* 中国现代文学 [JOU1103A] 2 Focuses on transforming processes of  modernization in Chinese literature and culture since 1915 refelected in modern periodicals and books .
Western Literature* 外国文学 [JOU1104A] 2 Focuses on western literature, compared with its parallel in the east.  Survey of the classic writers and works in various periods of history, interpretation of the ideological trends of western literature ranging from ancient Greek to the present in changes of cultural background.
 Foundamentals of Humanities* 新闻人文基础 [JOU1207A] 3 Stresses importance of knowledge and principles of humanity values, and the methods to combine humanistic care with professional journalism.
Media Psychology 媒介心理学 [JOU3149A] 2 Focuses on knowledge of media psychology theories with related observation experiments, intended for students to understand the media  impacts on society and psychological effects on people’s behaviour, attitude and so on.
Living with  Arts 艺术欣赏 [JOU2191A] 2 Intended for comprehensive understanding of art, interpretation of the cultural environment and meaning of artistic creations.
Essentials of Design 设计原理 [JOU3091A] 2 Focuses on basic principles of composition, colour and design.
Pop Culture 流行文化 [JOU3173A] 2 The studies with current cases of the influences of pop culture on our society, economy and civilization.
Media Economics 传媒经济学 [JOU3197A ] 2 Emphazises basic economic analytical tools to understand today’s media industries and interpret the fast changes they have been undergoing in present time.
Theory Introduction to Journalism* 新闻学概论 [JOU1108A] 2 Introduction to the nature, basic concepts, social functions, professornal elements ,and operational systems of journalism.
History of Journalism* 新闻事业史 [JOU2012A] 3 The course provides basic knowledge of journalism development in both China and major Western countries from ancient time to modern era, including discussions of relevant journalists, events and professional progress of the journalism.
Elite Journalists in the 20th century: China and the West 中外名记者研究 [JOU3196A ] 2 The course introduces the prominent journalists in both China and major Western countries during the 20th century, including discussions of their professional contributions and biographic studies.
Comparative studies of Journalism in China and the the western world 中西比较新闻学 [JOU3189A ] 2 Intended  for students to understand the differences and distinctive values between journalism in China and in western world, including different concepts of journalism, seperated courses of development, and comparative case studies.
Introduction of Communication Theories* 传播学概论 [JOU1108A] 2 Introduction to basic theories and values of human communication, including the nature, processes, models, effects and developments of communication in society.
Online Communication 网络传播 [JOU3088A] 2 Focuses on theories and  social conditions of internet communication, introduces the latest research findings about internet developmrnts around the world.
Media and Culture 文化传播 [JOU4230A] 2 Introduces basic knowledge and principles of culturology, analyzes cultural phenomena in communication processes.
Crisis Communication 危机传播 [JOU4232A] 2 By studies of selected cases, focuses on Crisis communication theories and skills,the basic principles and operation procedures of media reporting on critical incidents.
Research Methods in Mass Communication 大众传播研究方法 [JOU4080A] 2 Detailed introduction to the quantitative and qualitative research methods,including topic selection, formation of concept, hypothesis design, research design, sampling, data collection and analysis.
Questionnaire and Application of SPSS Statistical Analysis 问卷调查与SPSS统计分析应用 [JOU3148A] 2 Questionnaire design, questionnaire implementation, coding on questionnaire data and analysing the data with SPSS.
Reporting and Writing Basics of Interviewing and Reporting* 新闻采写基础 [JOU1109A] 3 Intended for beginning students to learn foundamental skills in news interviewing and writing, as well as the principles to be a news reporter.
Advanced Reporting* 专题新闻采写 [JOU2010A] 3 Intended for students to learn futher skills and knowledge of feature articles writing through close observations and drill exercieses.
Reporting on Campus 校园新闻采编 [JOU3172A] 2 Campus news reporting and writing for multi-media production and online distribution.
News Commentary Writing* 新闻评论写作 [JOU3147A] 2 The course is an introduction to China News Commentary Writing, including its development process, basic theories, characteristics and writing skills of all kinds of news writing, topic subject, conception, argumentation, structure planning, etc.
Investigative Reporting Theories and Practices 调查性报道理论与实践 [JOU3150A] 2 Introduction to histotry, principles,social values, interviewing and writing skills of investigative reporting. Focuses on how to operate investigative reporting successfully under the social environment in China.
Business News Reporting 财经新闻报道 [JOU3248A] 2 Focuses on discovering topics of business news, finding financial information sources, interviewing businessmen and writing business stories, especially about China’s fast changing economic developments.
International Relations and News Reporting* 国际关系与报道 [JOU2147A] 2 Basic knowledge of international politics, by cases studies and media discussions of America’s  gun control problem, frequent changes of the prime minister in Japan, etc.
Science Communication and Report 科学传播与报道 [JOU3250A] 2 The course focuses on the basic knowledge and the importance of public understanding science, the meaning of popular science in the modern society, and the role of media on the popularity of science.
Future Media Environmental and Disaster Reporting 多媒体环境与灾难报道 [JOU3084A] 2 This course is an in-depth discussion on the role new media plays in disaster reporting, using Japan’s 311 Tsunami, Radioactive Disaster and its rebuilding as the subject matter for discussion, looking into how policies, follow-up reports and how technologies and techniques are being used.This course will also focus on big data collection and presentation.
In-Depth Reporting* 社会调查报告 [JOU3249A] 3 Focuses on social issues and problems, intended to for senior students to learn investigative reporting skills, through selected readings, class discussions as well as the off-campus interviewing and field research.
Online Media & Transformation of Journalism 网络媒体与新闻业变革 [JOU3103A] 2 Introduces the trend and perspective of online media at home and abroad, give introduction to the effects to journalism by such trend, and develop the students’ practical skills on working on new media reporting.
Reporting on Camera 主持与出镜记者 [JOU2172B ] 2 Training in anchoring skills for hosting TV programs.
Introduction to English-language Media Studies* 国际新闻基础(全英) [JOU1040A] 3 The introductory level course of the Advanced International Journalism program will focus on developing English-language vocabulary and knowledge crucial to journalism.
Basics of English News Writing* 初级英文新闻采写(全英) [JOU1141A] 3 This class will be built around publishing stories on an already existing website; is an online news site that functions as the one of the few regular sources of news in English about the city of Shantou. Students in the class will be divided into beats and will pitch, report, and write weekly stories about what’s happening in the city.
Intermediate English News Writing* 中级英文新闻采写(全英) [JOU2044A] 3  This class aims to improve students’ writing skills, and expand further their knowledge in English-language journalism, after they have completed a course in basic reporting and writing prior to it. Students will be be guided to absorb a rich collection of journalistic texts to get nourishment for their writing, and given a variety of intensive writing assignments to produce articles close to the professional level .
Media Evolution and Innovation 媒体变革与创新(全英) [JOU2148A ] 2 This course will be broad-ranging, and touch on everything from media ethics and history, to current trends in new media and a rapidly changing journalism environment.
Storytelling and the Art of the Photographer (全英) [JOU3095A ] 2 This course gives students the opportunity to have the best of two worlds: learning how to better perform in front of the camera and how to capture better photographs behind the camera.
Power of the Personal Narrative (全英) [JOU3183A] 2 To succeed in career, students must know how to tell his or her own story. This class will teach students how to analyze their life experiences and future aspirations and turn them into stories the audience cannot forget.
Journalism Case Studies* (全英) [JOU3187A] 2 This class is based on real life case studies developed by the Knight Foundation Case Studies Initiative at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism.  At the same time, students will compare and contrast the American experience with that of the Chinese media industry.
Media Technology and multimedia foundamentals of Media Technology * 媒体技术基础 [JOU1204A] 3 The basic operation of Photoshop and Illustrator on PC and iLife, iMovie, Final Cut Pro on MAC.
Media Content Management System CMS 媒体内容管理CMS [JOU3078A] 2 Basic knowledge of multimedia technology application, the principles and processing technology of multimedia information , storage system, software, and applications.
Dynamic Image Producing 动态图像设计 [JOU3075A] 2 Graphic design in filmmaking or video production through use of animation or filmic techniques.
Visual Design for the Web 网络视觉设计 [JOU2290A] 2 Basic theories of visual design for web, basis of colors, constitutions, aesthetic principles, communication principles, operation of Internet image format, web design.
Infographic Design 信息图表设计 [JOU3193B] 2 Data and information selection, editing and processing,  layout design, and infographic’s application on newspapers, magazines and the internet.
Digital Image Production 数字映像制作 [JOU3070A] 2 Methods of image formation and production,The use of digital media system,Professional practice and appreciation of multimedia content
Advertising & Marketing Introduction to Advertising* 广告学概论 [JOU2060A] 2 Focuses on understanding of foundamental  concepts, methods, and theories in advertising as well as procedures of operation in advertising industry.
Marketing and Advertising 营销与广告 [JOU3094A] 2 Intended for students to learn how to use marketing to convey ideas, how changes in factors such as product, pricing, promotion and channel affect the subtle supply-demand relationship and, on the other hand, help students understand how to create, communicate and deliver value to customers and manage customer relationship.
Marketing Investigation* 市场调查 [JOU3066A] 2 This course is for students to learn concepts, methods and procedures of marketing survery so as to provide students with some of the basic ideas and techniques for analyzing information about market, and help students to understand the benefits and limitations of survey.
Creative Advertising* 广告创意 [JOU2163A] 2 Focuses on advertising creative thinking, basic principles, strategies, processes and methods of creative advertising in media industry.
Advertising Planning* 广告策划 [JOU2162A] 2 The theoriess and processes of advertising planning,  multi-media planning techniques and combines marketing with advertising and other communication methods.
Fundamentals of Advertising Design 广告设计基础 [JOU2061A] 3 Creates characters and scenes of advertising products, production of indoor and outdoor print advertisements with Photoshop and Illustrator .
Design of Printing Advertisements 平面广告设计 [JOU2191A] 2 Intended for students to learn the design for print advertisement from the perspective of branding and graphic arts.Stresses the importance of creativity.
Advanced Advertising Design 高级广告设计制作 [JOU3092A] 2 An advanced course of advertising design covering the techniques of animation production,  original characters design,  animation design for TV advertisements.
Broadcasting Advertising 电视广告 [JOU3171A] 2 Intended for students with foundamental advertising knowledge to learn TV ad creation and making. It focuses on the practices of creativity theories.
Advertising Effects Analyses* 广告效果分析* [JOU3199A] 2 Core concepts such as audiences, strategy of advertisement, case studies about effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
Advertiser Management 广告客户管理 [JOU3093A] 2 Focuses on the importance of advertiser management in advertising operations, and emphasizes the relationship between advertiser management, advertiser and advertising company.
Integrated Marketing Communication* 整合营销传播 [JOU3195A] 3 The course is designed to prepare students in twofold: one is to equip students the knowhow of developing a full-fledge marketing communication campaign; second is to intrigue students to investigate current advertising phenomenon in the industry but in academic research settings.
Media Strategies for Advertising* 广告媒体传播策略 [JOU3065A] 2 Intended for senior students to be able to command the principles and methods of media evaluation and planning for advertising, understand strengths and the weakness of different media and how to assess media effects.
Public Relation & Practice 公共关系与实践 [JOU3079A] 2 The principles and the operations of public relation (PR) and its significance and contribution to the market economy; through real examples and case studies.
International Advertising 国际广告 [JOU3194A ] 2 Introduces students to the opportunities and challenges involved in developing communication strategies and for implementing communication plans for international markets.
Branding Research 品牌研究 [JOU3064A] 2 Intended for students to learn theories and skills of modern branding management  so as to know how to analyze  brands environments and resources and to develop, design, operate and manage branding system. Students are encouraged to put theories into practice and improve their abilities of problem solving.
Content Marketing 内容营销 [JOU3198A ] 2 This cross-disciplinary course is based on the influencial idea of “content is king”, combines journalism and communication theories with macketing,  focuses on how to most effectively disseminate news contents by means of marketing measures.
Publishing Basics of Editing and Publishing* 编辑出版学基础 [JOU2050A] 3 Intended for students to learn essential  knowledge,skills and processes of book- making, magazine publishing, and digital  publications.
inDesign for Newspaper & Periodicals* 报刊排版技术 [JOU2280A] 2 Basic layout design principles via the software inDesign.
Book Packaging Design 书籍装帧设计 [JOU3001A] 3 Basic elements in book design, such as shape, the use of color pattern, illustrations, covers, layouts, and the materials of book binding.
Editing for Newspaper & Periodicals 报刊编辑 [JOU2146A] 3 Intended for students to learn basic concepts and skills of editing, layout, and the processes for newspaper and periodicals.
Web Editing and Digital Publishing* 网络编辑与数字出版 [JOU3155B] 2 Intended for students to learn two parts: one is web editing, including content curating, processing,and integrating; second is about digital publishing, emphazises the impacts of digital technology upon content production industry.
Creative Planning 文化创意与策划 [JOU3188A] 2 this course is to cultivate students’ capability of making creative proposals and plans. The capability of planning for original ideas is the key of corporative development of culture industry. The course design mainly requires for exploration and practice, improve students’ capability of planning via making a concrete project plan.
Broadcasting Introduction to Broadcasting* 广播电视概论 [JOU1131A] 2 Foundamentals of  history of broadcasting, basic TV shooting theory,technology, and operating processes of broacasting.
Studies of TV Features 电视专题片分析与鉴赏 [JOU2071A] 2 Focuses on TV feature’s conception, characteristics, and expression methods, discussion on TV features from wide perspectives, including principles, creativeness,  techniques and methods.
Studies of Documentary 中外纪录片鉴赏 [JOU3170B] 2 The fundamental knowledge of documentaries, through introduction and appreciation, including the ideas, characteristics, problems, story texts, and Narrative modes in documentaries of various genres.
Basics of TV news production* 基础电视新闻采编 [JOU2032A] 2 Focuses on basics know-how of operating video camera to produce a variety of TV programs. Students can also learn the production processes of TV station.
Advanced TV News Production* 专题电视新闻采编 [JOU2133A] 2 Intended for senior students who have learned basic  TV news skills to be able to do featured TV stories, including doing research, writing proposal ,collecting materials, interviewing, photography, organizing, writing script and making news packages.
Documentary Production* 纪录片制作 [JOU3073A] 2 Introduction to history, genres,ethics problems of documentary production .
Program Planning and Direct* 节目策划与编导 [JOU3035B] 3 Basic conception on TV program planning, principles and processes of TV program plan,  production of TV program, and evaluation of TV program.
TV Talk Show 电视谈话节目 [JOU2170A] 2 the theoretical basis of TV talk show, the working flow of producing talk show and the ability of planning, editing, hosting.
TV Entertainment Show 电视综艺节目 [JOU2135A] 2 Introduces the variety of TV showes, including reality show, singing show, children’s show, food and travel show, culture program, TV miniseries, etc.
TV News Program 电视新闻节目 [JOU3170A] 2 Focuses on the infrastructure of TV news programs,the reasons of high ratings of TV news programs, the social functions of TV news programs, etc .
Studio TV News  Production and Directing 演播室电视新闻节目制播 [JOU2033A] 2 In this course students can learn studio skills and practise basic operation of video shooting, interviewing, producing, reception and lighting, combining characteristics of studio and multi-camera shooting. Students will command studio video producing, multi-camera shooting and scene scheduling.
Studies of TV Investigative Reporting 电视调查性报道研究 [JOU3072A] 2 Focuses on Investigative TV reporting  at home and abroad from wide perspectives including definition, politics, cutural backgrounds, production processes, text content, news ethics, social influence, etc.
Feature Production* 专题片制作 [JOU3175A ] 2 Intended for students to learn baisic knowledge of different kinds of TV feature programs, and command the process and skills of producing feature programs.
Scriptwriting 剧本写作 [JOU3174A ] 2 Intended for students to learn of scriptwriting thoeries, skills,businness standards, and be able to write film scripts independently and introduce own creation by oneself.
Digital Video Editing* 数字视频编辑 [JOU2134A] 3 Several numbers of softwares of data and video , with story creation, picture delivery, video innovation, reporting schedule as well as non-linear design.
Digital Audio 数字广播 [JOU3190B] 3 Traditional audio system has to meet new  demands of individuals of online community at the digital age. This course intended to teach  basic knowledge of digital broadcasting and the practical skills to launch audio websites.
News Anchor and Dubbing 播音与影视配音 [JOU2072B ] 2 Intended for students to learn basic standards of pronunciation, onstage language and art, performance and expression, be able to do dubbing for films, TV programs or documentaries.
Management Marketing & Finance for Publishing Enterprises 出版企业营销与财务 [JOU2152C] 2 Focuses on financial management in publishing and media industry, the core concepts of marketing, investigation in the cultural market, financial targets for media management.
Media Management 媒体经营管理 [JOU3185A] 2 Basic theories, knowledge related to media management domestic and abroad from microcosmic and microscopically view, including media economics, industry value chain, and industrial competitiveness,etc.
Photography Photography Foundation * 摄影基础 [JOU1206A] 2 Basic principles and shooting technologies ,skills to use instruments and do post-processing.
Photojournalism* 新闻摄影 [JOU1145A] 2 This course is teach basic knowlege of photojournalism, intened to enable students to fulfill the objective of telling a story in one picture. The course will also deal with basic technical, artistic and anthropological issues. .
Feature Photography 专题摄影 [JOU2281A] 2 Introdues a variety of photography, emphazises featured stories-telling with visual language, appreciation for world famous photography galleries.
Artistic Photography 艺术摄影 [JOU2180A] 2 Introduction to school of western artistic photography, emphazises picture’s structure, composition and arrangement, shooting position and angel, sense of space, perspective,etc.
Public welfare photography 公益摄影 [SER2410] 2 Students in this class will go to traditional villages to interpret the form and inherit of traditional villages with lens. Combining investigation, photography, writing and planning together, this course shows current situation of  old villages,  including architecture, living environment, culture memory, villagers’ activities, and traditional and cultural pattern.
Advertising Photography 广告摄影 [JOU2194A] 2 Focuses on photography for advertising, Stresses correct use of photography instruments, operating principles of digital devices in studio and computer image processing in advertisment productions.
Foreign Language English News Translation* 媒介英语翻译 [JOU2011A] 3 Intended for students to learn basic knowledge of  the literary styles and features of English news stories, and also skills of English news translation.
Advanced News Translation 高级媒介英语翻译 [JOU2143A] 2 Sudents in this class will learn western translation theories, and command
the translation skills for newspaper, magazines, films, TV programs, speech script and publicity materials of press conference and other media content scripts, such as advertisement.
Law & Ethics Media Law & Ethics* 媒介法规与伦理 [JOU3213A] 3 Foundamentals of knowledge of conditions of evolution of China’s media laws, including the constitutional changes, developmrnts of laws and regulations, the enforcments of laws and judiciary system of the courts,as well as discussion about issues of trade ethics.
Publishing Law & Policy 出版业法律法规 [JOU3191A] 3 Focuses on regulations on publishing in China, including Copyright Law, Contract Law, Trademark Law, as well as administrative rules and regulations on traditional publishing and the Internet.
Copyright and Trade 版权法与版权贸易 [JOU3191B ] 2 Intended for students to learn systematic knowledge of copyright and related laws, and basic knowledge of intellectual property rights in creative enterprises as well as contract laws with related knowledge of  permit, contract,negotiation, agency and trade.  Students will be able to do relevant cases studies.
note: courses marked with* are the required core courses.