Teaching Team

Our first Dean is Professor Ying Chan. She became a George Polk Prize winning journalist while working for the New York Daily News. She reported in-depth on the smuggling of Chinese immigrants into America. And she later moved into academia. She established the Hong Kong University Journalism & Media Studies Center, and then Shantou University’s own Journalism & Communication School. In 2013, the Asian American Journalists Association gave Ying Chan its highest honor: the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Our current Dean is Professor Fan Dongsheng, a distinguished journalist. He served as President of China Press, a Chinese newspaper in America. And he follows in the footsteps of his father, Mr. Fan Changjiang, a legendary journalist in China and contemporary of Edgar Snow.

As for our teachers, half of them bring global experience working outside mainland China. This includes the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Among the luminaries who have taught here: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Peter Arnett from CNN; TV pioneer and CBS News producer Peter Herford; LA Times China Correspondent Ching-Ching Ni; and award-winning, USA Today photographer Frank Folwell.

Our faculty has been adding more top media experts. These include Farland Chang, Emmy award winning broadcast journalist from CNN and NBC, as well as Daniel Ng, Media Advertising pioneer and academic from the University of Oklahoma.

Three of our faculty graduated from  Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism (Ching-Ching Ni, Farland Chang & John Noonan). And Fan Linjun graduated from UC Berkeley’s own elite program.

Students learn world class standards based on our faculty’s real world experience. 60-percent of our instructors have worked in the media business. This includes former chief editor Alice Yang of Taiwan Common Wealth Magazine; Senior Reporter Wang Tsongan from Taiwan; Malaysian new media expert Foo Loke Foong and TV Producer Wong Ngee Choong, etc.