Publications/Books by Our Teachers

Number Authors Publication Publisher Publishing Time
1 Xie Lin Dialogue With A.D.: Memories of Photographic Manufacturers In China China Ethinity Photography Art Publishing House October, 2014
2 Bai Jing The Ways We Teach Journalism Guangming Daily Publishing House January, 2014
3 Wang Tzong-an Interview and Practice on Campus News the National Public Administration Publishing House; Xinjiang Producing and Constructing Military Publishing House January, 2014
4 Wei Yongzheng Media Laws 4th edition People’s University Publishing House May, 2013
5 Bai Jing Comparative Studies on Defamation between Mainland China and Hong Kong Chinese University of Politics and Laws Publishing House December, 2013
6 Cheng Jinfu Anti-corruption on Media Shanghai People’s Publishing House July, 2012
7 Xie Lin Applied Traveling Photography Guangdong People’s Publishing House May, 2012
9 Fan Dongsheng Save Newspapers South China Daily Publishing House March, 2011
10 Xie Lin Photography Journalism China Photography Publishing House January, 2009
11 Li Zixin How to Cover Disasters South China Daily Publishing House January, 2009
12 Chen Yuefen Reportage And Reporting In Depth Fudan University Publishing House December, 2008
13 Peter Arnett & Chang Weiming How I Interviewed Ben Latin South China Daily Publishing House October, 2008
15 Ying Chan & Xia Zhongyi Humanities Fudan University Publishing House May, 2008
16 Li Yong Truth Coverage Again South China Daily Publishing House April, 2008
17 John H.Noonan & Gene Mustain English Journalism Writing Fudan University Publishing House September, 2007
18 Wang Jun Investigation On Han River Shantou University Publishing House August, 2007
19 Ying Chan I Am An Actor South China Daily Publishing House September, 2007
20 Hu Xingrong Philosophy of Journalism Xinhua Publishing House January, 2004


Publications/Papers by Our Teachers

Number Authors Essays Volumes Volume Number
1 Chen Lai-Chi What’s The Cultural Difference  Between The West And the East The  Consumption Of Popular ‘Cute’Games In The Taiwanese market New Media & Society 1, 2014
2 Yun Qidong From Communication To  Commercialization: A Brief History of China’s Publishing, 1949–1992 Journal of Scholarly Publishing 2, 2014
3 Bai Jing The Legislation and Practice of Online Privacy Protection In The U.S. Eye On Media (Hong Kong) 1, 2014
4 Bai Jing The Study of Visual And Listening Programs Online In China Eye On Media (Hong Kong) July, 2014
5 Fan Dongsheng & Yi Dongming Can Paywall Save Newspaper? Journalism and Writing 7, 2014
6 Wei Yongzheng Cases of Bo and Li: How To Make The People Feel Justice And Fairness News Reporters 1, 2014
7 Mao Liangbin The Case Study on the Persuasive  Effects of Entertaining Education Programs With The Audience Involved Journalism World 4, 2014
8 Chen Yuefen Parents Without Their Only Child: The Identity Construction and Systems In Media Mirror China Reported of Media 2, 2014
9 Bai Jing Comments On New Defamation Law In Hong Kong Eye On Media 6, 2013
10 Bai Jing The Trend of Censorship In the Editing Proposal Of The Administration In Online Information Service Eye On Media (Hong Kong) 8,2013
11 Bai Jing Comments On the Legislated Explanation On Defamation Eye On Media (Hong Kong) 6, 2013
12 Chen Yuefen Hide Or Appear: Comparative Studies on Coverage of Wu Kan Journalism University 2, 2013
13 Wei Yongzheng From Uncle Director To Scandalized Secretary: Study On the Function Of Internet Anti-Bribe News Reporters 4, 2013
14 Wei Yongzheng Proportional Liability Or Joint Liabillity? Young Reporters June, 2013
15 Liu Kangjie The Study On The Chinese Newspapers In Australia Studies on Journalism and Communication 9, 2013
16 Liu Kangjie Chinese Newspaper Oversea In Globalizing Localization Journalism University 6, 2013
17 Fan Dongsheng The Drawbacks of Lazy Culture: Case Studies On The Decrease of Traditional Newspaper People’s Forum May, 2012
18 Chen Yuefen Construction And Significance Of Speech: Case Study On Yi Huang Destruction Journalism University 1, 2012
19 Wei Yongzheng How Do Right Civil Critics Judge Humiliating Personalities Legalistic Journalism Communication 3, 2012
20 Bai Jing How do Hong Kong Laws Balance the Name and Freedom of Press: Observations On 40 Cases of Media Defamation News Reporters 11, 2012
21 Liang Chao Eye On the Source Of Competing Advantages of Publishing Houses: Theory on Industrial Competing, Resource Basis and Mobile Abilities Publication Studies 11, 2012
22 Ying Chan The Investigative Reporters in Chinese Medias Nieman Reports published By Nieman Foundation of Harvard University Spring, 2011
23 Wei Yongzheng & Bai Jing The Impact On Editing of Deformation Laws In Britain to Hong Kong Eye On Media(Hong Kong) 5, 2011
24 Zhen Meiling The Scandal of World News: Competition Between Media and Laws and Politics Eye On Media(Hong Kong) August, 2011
25 Chen Yuefen & Li li The Differences of the Coverage of Wang Jialing: Media Format Theory Chinese Media Reports 4, 2011
26 Bai Jing & Wei Yongzheng The Trends of Defamation Law Transformation International Journalism World 6, 2011
27 Fan Dongsheng Who Save Newspaper In The U.S.? Southern Media Studies 29, 2011
28 Wei Yongzheng The Competition Between Media and Privacy In Britain News Reporters 10, 2011
29 Zhen Meiling Defamation Laws In Britain: Development And Dispute Eye On Media December, 2010
30 Zhen Meiling Criminal Defamation In the New Media Environment: The Case of the People’s Republic of China The Sixtieth Anniversary of International Communication Committee June, 2010
31 Fan Dongsheng Complete Records of the Crisis of American and European Newspapers Journalism Practice 2, 3, 2010
32 Bai Jing The Protection Of Copyright From Hong Kong Copyright Legislation International Journalism World 10, 2010
33 Chen Jinfu Contemporary Media Power and Political Power in China: From Political Sociology Journalism University Spring, 2010
34 Wei Yongzheng The Art Comments Need To Separate Opinions And Facts Laws and Journalism 12, 2010
35 Chang Weiming &  Ralph Izard News Coverage of Patriot Act Focuses on Individual Liberty Newspaper Research Journal Fall, 2009
36 Zhou Xiang The Political Photosphere in China:A Content Analysis Of The Blogs Regarding The Dismissal of Shanghai Leader Chen Liangyu New Media & Society 6, 11, 2009
37 Zhou Xiang A Cross-Culture Perspective On Instant Messenger Use Among University International Essays June, 2009
38 Zhen Meiling Transformation and Trend: Censor the Sex-related Contents Eye On Media February, 2009
39 Zhen Meiling The Decreasing Broadcasts in Special Economical Zones Eye On Media August, 2009
40 Chen Yuefen The Communication in Crisis of Risky Social Comtenporary Communication 3, 2009
41 Li li & Ying Chan Crisis Communication in TV Journalism World 6, 2009
42 Bai Jing Comparative Studies in Media Deformation of Mainland and Hong Kong China Laws 4, 2009
43 Zhou Xiang & Ying Chan & Peng Zhenmei Deliberativeness of Online Political Discussion: A Content Analysis of the Guangzhou Daily Website Journalism Studies 5, 9, 2008
44 Zhou Xiang Cultural Dimensions and Framing the Internet in China: A Cross-Cultural Study of Newspapers’ Coverage in Hong Kong, Singapore, the US and the UK International Communication Gazette 2, 2008
45 Zhou Xiang The Possible Model and Its Development and Uses in Internet Information Journalism and Communication Critics December, 2008
46 Wang Jun Copy and Market Competition Journalism Fans 5, 2008
47 Chen Yuefen Crisis Communication in Risky Social Crisis Ji Nan Journal 6, 2008
48 Zhou Xiang Journal Reading Patterns and Preferences of Pediatricians Journal of The Medical Library Association Quarterly January, 2007
49 Li li Critical Analysis on the Depressive Social Cultural Impact of TV Journalism World 3, 2007