We Media

Who are we? The best reflection of who we are may be the work that we do.STU Journalism School is one of the best J-Schools in China who pay much attention to journalism practice. STU has plenty of places on campus where students can practice their crafts.Our students are actively engaged in the communities where we live.

My Shantou

My Shantou is an English reporting website focusing on local stories. It was founded and currently edited by John Noonan, a lecturer in STU J-School. The reporting mainly comes from Noonan’s classes, including Introduction to Media Studies, Basic English News Reporting and Writing, and Intermediate English News Reporting and Writing.

Asia 247

Asia247 is a media-converging platform in STU J-School, and also an online TV Station run by our students. It aims to develop students’ multi-media producing abilities, including using software like Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and Motion to make videos and edit audios. In Asia 247, students understand more about concepts of new media and take their textbook knowledge into practice.

Grassroots Reports

Grassroots Reports is a news website, developed by STU J-School and Dahua Website (the website of the biggest local newspaper group). It focuses on livelihoods in Shantou and was launched in May, 2010. J-School students write, edit, report and promote by themselves. Most of the contents are original and first-published.

New Generation

New Generation, the newspaper of STU J-School, grew out of Cheung Kong Reporters founded in 2006. The student reporters interview, edit and set types under faculties’ instructions. In the era of converging media, New Generation develops not only in printing, but also on websites and social media.

Cheung Kong Media Online

Cheung Kong Media Online is a student group who produced video and audio programs for STU television station and radio station. It mainly covers campus, exposing the real lives in campus. All stories are original.