Global Activities


The Cheung Kong School of Journalism and Communication at Shantou University was set up in 2003, and has
been lasting for a 12-year-long history.Our school  have 2-3 overseas activities a year on average. Our students have been to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, The United States, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Myanmar, South Africa and other regions and countries.

The J-School is committed to providing students diversified and international exchange platform. The J-School provide study abroad and exchange opportunities, overseas internships and interview opportunities. And the J-School also providing students opportunities to participatein international competition. The J-School encourages students to fully tap their own potential, to grow and learn in a variety of environment. The J-School training students with international vision and international way of thinking.The J-School let the students learn to improve comprehensive ability,to become the one who have international competition ability.