J-school offers students a wide range of facilities and support services.


We have one Mac lab with 30 Macs and  two PC labs with 50 PCs. The Convergent Media Lab was established in 2007. This lab allows students to study the latest media technology knowledge and computer design. It’s the first one in China’s journalism schools.
Construction of Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center


We provide students with several studios, one TV studio, one audio studio, one photography studio. These studios serve as platforms for students to make what they have learned into practice.


STU meets the needs of its students, academics and the international research community with a wide range of library services. STU Library was funded by Li Ka Shing Foundation(LKSF) and designed by famous Taiwanese architect Ray Chen. It enjoys the title of the most beautiful library in Asia. The collections of STU Library number nearly 2 million printed items, in addition to vast quantities of materials in many other formats. It occupies 20,956 square kilometers and provides 27 seminar rooms and 1,500 places for readers. It provides 400,000 thousand books related to journalism& communications and 40,000 foreign periodicals and journals. Visit STU Library website


J-school college library provides more than 10 thousands of books related to journalism & communication, hundreds of newspapers and journals in both Chinese and English languages and over 2,000 video materials. For resources search, please visit J-school’s library.