The faculty at the J-School comprises a team of the chosen local and foreign educators, as well as other established media industry veterans. Half of them bring global experience working outside mainland China. This includes the US, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Nationality Curriculum

Brief Introduction

Fan Dongsheng



China New Media

Media Management

A veteran journalist and editor, Mr. Fan headed a couple of Chinese publications including the China Press in New York. He is a member of China News Agency’s editorial board.
Bai Jing
Associate Dean
Hong Kong Reporting on Campus
Media Law & Ethics
Web Editing & Digital Publishing
Publishing Laws & Regulations
PhD in media law, policy and ethics from Communication University of China; over 10 years of professional experience in Hong Kong-based news agency and newspaper.
Wei Yongzheng


China History of Journalism

Media Law

Media Ethics

Tort Law

Specialized in China media law and ethics.
Song Jihong


China Basic Reporting and Writing

Advanced Reporting and Writing

A former local newspaper reporter and editor in China.
Ai-li Yang Chalagonian


Taiwan Business News Reporting

In-depth reporting

A former editor in chief of Taipei-based Common Wealth magazine, Mrs. Yang interviewed more than 300 international leaders.
Wang Tzong-an


Taiwan Basic Reporting and Writing

Advanced Reporting and Writing

Newspaper Editing

Public Relations & Practice

PhD in political science from National Chengchi University, Taiwn. A long time reporter and editor of Taipei-based newspaper China Times.
Chen Yuefen


China Ancient Chinese

Culture Communication

Crisis Communication

Scholar specialized in linguistics and cultural studies.
Farland Chang


America STORYTELLING AND THE ART OF ON-CAMERA PERFORMANCE Emmy Award winner; former national correspondent for NBC and CNN
Daniel Ng


America Advertising Planning

Creative Advertising

International Advertising

Integrated Marketing Communication

Industry insider, worked as senior executive and CEO in global advertising agencies and companies such as  McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather and BBDO.
Zhang Wei


China History of Journalism

Journalism in China and the US

Journalists who influenced the world.

PhD in Journalism from Australia Sydney Polytechnic University; former researcher in humanities Institute of Social Studies of Australian National University.
Chen Lai-Chi


Taiwan Integrated Marketing


Media Management

News Commentary Writing

PhD in Communication from Westminster University; Post-doctoral researcher of National Chiao Tung University of Taiwan.
Mao Liangbin

Associate professor

China Research Methods in Mass Communication

Media Psychology

Marketing Survey

Questionnaire Survey and Applying SPSS to Statistical Analysis

Former associate professor of Zhejiang Media and Communications Institute.
Xie Lin

Associate professor

China Basic Photography

Feature Photography


Photographer; China Photography Awards winner.
Hsu Cheng-Chun

Associate professor

Taiwan Introduction to Broadcasting

TV Talk Show

TV Entertainment Show

Screen Writing

Pop culture

Program Planning and Directing

PhD in Communication from Shih Hsin University  of Taiwan; over ten years professional experience in various media outlets in Taiwan including a magazine and Television stations.
Cai Qiuyan

Associate professor

China Studies of contemporary Chinese language

Contemporary Chinese literature

Foreign literature

Introductory studies in the humanities

PhD in Literature from Beijing Normal University;

Specialized in cultural studies, feminist literature research.

Yun Qidong

Associate professor

China Fundamentals of Publishing

Web Editing & Digital Publishing

International Publishing & Copyright Trade

PhD in Communications from Loughborough University, UK; Worked in the publishing house of Oxford University and the library of University of Oxford.
Lai Mingming

Associate professor

China Introduction to Journalism

Media Economics

Content Marketing

PhD in Economics from Renmin University, China; worked as an editor in various publications in Hong Kong.
Foo Loke Foong


Malaysia Media Technology Fundamental

Digital Broadcasting

Digital Image Production

Over 20 years experience in media and entertainment industry in Malaysia; a former

cheif executive officer of Malaysia media production company and software development company.

Kwok Chak Sang


Hong Kong Basic Video Production

Advanced Shooting in studio

Worked as a reporter and cameraman for various TV stations in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Zhang Zengli


China Studies in TV Features

News Anchor and Character Voice

Reporting on Camera

Worked as a reporter and presenter for local TV station in China.
Fan Linjun


China Basic Reporting and Writing

Advanced Reporting and Writing

International Relation and Reporting

A former China Central Television reporter and a researcher in the Beijing Bureau of McClatchy newspapers, Mrs. Fan got a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley.
Hui Seng Kin


Malaysia Media Technology Fundamentals

Dynamic Image Producing

Visual Design for the Web

InDesign for Newspaper & Periodicals

Media professional in Malaysia;

Former network media training director of the Southeast Asia electronic media center.

Xu Shaolin


China Fundamentals of Advertising Design

Living with Arts

Book Design and Packaging

Infographic Design

Has more than 10 years experience of design and graphic advertising.
Ling, Shyue-Miin


Taiwan Fundamentals of photography

Feature Photography

Advertising Photography

Photographer; Won several international awards, such as the Italian Cultural Photography Prize and the most outstanding award of Tokyo Fifth Hasselblad Award.
Xu Hui


China Advertising Planning

Brand Research

Advertising Media communication strategy

Working experience includes six years in a local television station in China and an advertising lecturer in Sias International College of Zhengzhou University.
Liang Chao


China News Translation

Advanced News Translation

Marketing and Distribution in Book Publishing

A graduate of master’s in publishing from Wuhan University.
Wong Ngee Choong


Malaysia Studies of Documentary

Documentary Production

Investigative Television Reporting

Television Advertising

Has over 10 years media experience in Malaysia; Won the 2005 An Kasha Radio Television Award and Best TV Magazine Award.
Xu Qiang


China Creative Advertising

Advertiser Management

The Elements of Design

Has nearly 10 years of experience in advertising, specialized in design and arts.
John H. Noonan


America Introduction to Media Studies

Basic News Reporting and Writing

Advanced News Reporting and Writing

Columbia University’s Master of Journalism;

Wrote and edited English News Writing, the first textbook which combine the laws of a news report and presentation skills in English.

Wang Keqin

Part-time Professor

China Investigative Reporting Theories and Practices One of China’s most renowned investigative reporters.