Our undergraduate program is designed to provide our students with a strong foundation of journalism and communication knowledge as well as to equip them with specialized skills necessary for the pursuit of their future professions. Our students have the choice to focus in one of four concentrations, Journalism, Broadcasting, Publishing and Advertising.



Our aim is to groom specialized media talents with an international outlook. Our students will be equipped with foundation knowledge in liberal arts. They will also be familiar with current media industry practices and techniques, which will place our students to succeed in the various fields of media management, online communications, advertising planning, television hosting, television program planning, production, public relations, publication planning, copyright trade, sales and marketing, etc.

Learning Environment

Our students will benefit fully from hands-on learning experiences in our multi-media lab, television and radio studio, library and off-campus learning sites. Students in the third year onward will be given valuable internship opportunities at newspapers, television and radio stations, magazines, publishers, online media companies, and other news media agencies or institutions. Students who excel will also be selected to participate in exchange study programs with established journalism colleges overseas.


Concentration Contents

The Journalism curriculum concentration include communication studies, journalism studies, policy research, interview and writing techniques in English and Chinese, news editing in English and Chinese, international journalism, international relations, public relations, newspaper editing design, media management, multimedia production, online communication, communications in English, and mass media research methods and applications.

The Broadcasting curriculum concentration include journalism studies, broadcast journalism studies, interview and writing techniques in English and Chinese, broadcast news production, television editing studies, film and video studies, television commercial and video special effects, television feature program creation, television program production planning, television hosting, advertising affairs, public relations studies, online broadcast affairs, media management and broadcasting in English.

The Publishing curriculum concentration include theories of publishing, history of publishing studies, foundations in publication marketing and distribution, studies of book publication, newspaper editing, book editing, publishing aesthetics, book design and packaging, news publishing theory and laws, modern publishing technology, desktop publishing systems, publishing business management, book marketing, international publishing, copyright and book trade, and audio and video publications.


The Advertising curriculum concentration include theories of advertising, marketing and advertising, marketing Investigation, creative advertising, advertising planning, advertising design, broadcasting advertising, advertising effects analyses, advertiser management, integrated marketing communication, media strategies for advertising, public relation & practice,  international advertising, branding research and content marketing.