To be honest, I really had a innocent thought which had been taken root in my mind for many years: that was that every capital in every country just like Beijing. They were all super cities, metropolitan. They would be “many centers of its nation” like Beijing: political center, cultural center, economic center, even “demographic center”, “price of commodities center”, “price of real estate center” and the like.

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Life in DC

Time flies. This sentence is really old fashion, but every time when I need to say goodbye, I get this feeling. Today is April 21. Ten days after the Cherry Blossom Festival,  40 days after I went to New York on business, 70 days after I got on the plane to USA, and finally, ten days before I finish the internship in DC. Read the rest of this entry »

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My colleague Sarah lives in Baltimore, a seaport city in Maryland. It is a beautiful city but the crime rate is very high. Baltimore used to be a prosperous industrial city. When the factories increasingly moved to developing countries like China and India where the labor costs less, many workers were laid off. Unemployment and homelessness lead to many social problems.
Several days ago, I read news titled “Central region: Manufacturing base starts to move inland from the coast”. As the labor costs more in the coast, many factories, like the huge Taiwan corporation Foxcnn which employs over 800 thousand in mainland, are reported to plan to move their bases to inland or other cheaper countries. Then, what will happen to millions of workers in those factories?

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By 07 Journalism Max Lau(劉輝達)

Here’s a funny phenomenon:  I find that there are actually two types of supermarkets in Jiangmen, a nice city in the west the Zhujiang Delta where I live.  One is that where you can look around by yourself without any attendant following you, but you must put your bag in the storage cabinet outside the supermarket. The other is that where you don’t need to leave your bag outside, but you should tolerate that there is always an attendant standing beside you and keeping watching you. Read the rest of this entry »

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“I find that when I feel confident in my heart, I can do better than I thought.”

—A Midterm Examination of Nika

Over half of the internship has passed. It’s the time for a midterm examination.

Before this, I need to keep record of today’s special work–a media training.

Our CEO Bill did the training for about twenty parents who have children with learning disability. They are going to the Hill to meet the senators, expressing their concerns and hopes to connect the congress and our client, the National Center for Learning Disabilities.

The training is a little like a class. I like the role play part very much. Bill acted as the congressman in different situations, where parents visited him to handle all the situations and make their statements clear. Read the rest of this entry »

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28  Mar

An old man who looks like the Santa Claus is sitting on the wheel chair, saying “God bless you” to me every day when I take a free metro newspaper from him. A man is singing and playing guitar in the entrance of the subway station, with a tips box on the ground. A beggar sitting on the crossroad is shaking the bottle in his hand. A woman passed by, taking money out of her wallet and started chatting with him. An old man who sells essential oils is sitting in a corner. The chill wind at night makes me turn up my collar. I say hello to him and he replies to me “Good night”, starting to beat a small drum beside him.  

This kind of trivial details makes my heart warm. It is the real temperature of this city, rather than the exotic architectures. Read the rest of this entry »

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I did not find out that I love to cook until I had lived in Washington D.C. However, wait a minute. Gradually, I realized that I fell in love with cooking just because of The Kitchen in my apartment. It may sound wired but there is actually something charming “behind the kitchen” that has made me keep thinking of and feeling over and over again these days.

What is Kitchen? People would probably answer that without thinking: a kitchen is a place where the kitchen ware like microwave, oven is put and you can prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s true in function. That explains what the kitchen is used for by people. However, it does not account for that what the kitchen means to people. And that’s what I am eager to know: what on earth the kitchen means to me, which has kept me thinking about in the past few days.

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22  Mar
The Rentals

As one type of the mass media of communication, the news paper, up to a certain point, is a pole that highlights what the place it stands for is likely showing. It is true for people to understand one place even one country from the news paper simply and easily.

I have to go to work by metro every day. As what I did daily in Hong Kong internship last summer vacation, I always take the free metro newspapers here on the way to work. One is to read and know what’s going on here; the other is to practice English freely. Read the rest of this entry »

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I say goodbye to all my sorrows

And by tomorrow I’ll be on my way

I guess the lord must be in New York City               

                 —Harry Nilsson. I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City

There is a great saying from the Chinese movie A Native of Beijing in New York–“If you love him, then take him to New York, because it is a paradise; If you hate him, also send him to New York, because it is a hell.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Not every soldier goes to war to die. Not every soldier is fearless of death. Not every soldier wants to be a hero. Everyone called them heroes because they chose to die when the people needed them.

March 11, a day before spring time approached, I went to the Arlington National Cemetery, where 300 thousand of soldiers were buried. Tombstones made of white marble were lined in the whole cemetery, clean and solemn. Read the rest of this entry »

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