Pregnant Cat Shot With Crossbow Bolt at STU Aided by Student Animal Organization

A pregnant cat shot or stabbed with what appeared to be a crossbow bolt at Shantou University has initially survived the injury, due to the intervention of members of a concerned student animal organization and veterinary surgery. The cat was pregnant with six kittens and prematurely delivered them Tuesday morning — five of the kittens survived, and one perished, according to a number of people familiar with the case.

Lili, the injured stray cat, with the crossbow bolt protruding from her back. Photo: Lin Jiarong
Lili, the injured stray cat, with the crossbow bolt protruding from her back.

On the night of Monday, May 8th between nine and ten pm, Lin Jiarong, a junior student from Journalism School, as well as the president of the Association of Cats and Dogs at Shantou University, found a wounded cat shot by what appeared to be a crossbow bolt under DG building, near the old medical school classrooms. The cat’s name is Lili; though a stray, she and a number of other cats and dogs are regularly looked after by members of that organization in the vicinity of those buildings.The cat had been shot in the back, downward into her body, and was struggling and discharging pus when found. According to Li Qian,  another member from the cat and dog association, the bolt had nearly pierced completely through one of the animal’s lungs. 


With the help of students and Liulang Tianshi Yizhan(流浪天使驿站), Stray Angel Station, an organization in Shantou dedicated to helping abandoned cats and dogs, Lili was taken to Jiajing Pet Hospital (嘉景宠物医院) a Shantou veterinary hospital. Vets performed surgery and removed the bolt, and in the morning around 5 a.m., Lili delivered all but one of her kittens successfully. But her health is delicate and she is being taken care by one of the cat and dog association students, members of the organization said.
The attacker is still unknown, but according to Pan, a freshman from Engineering School, the previous Saturday around noon, he saw a man a little more than 170cm tall testing a crossbow on the grass near the DG and old medical school building. Pan said in further social media comments that the man had been standing with his back to him, so he could not identify him.
Image of Pan's text, discussing witnessing man with a crossbow.
Image of Pan’s texts with a reporter, discussing witnessing man with a crossbow.

Over Monday evening and Tuesday morning, news of the attack made the rounds on WeChat, with an explanatory post offering basic information about what happened, photographic evidence of the cat attack, and urging students to be careful and on the lookout for a man possibly armed with a crossbow.

Shantou University students and faculty have reported the incident to campus security, a university staff member confirmed. But as of late afternoon on Tuesday, the identity of the attacker remains unknown. Numerous students familiar with the area where the cat was found say there is little if any video surveillance in the area.

Campus organizations have pitched in to help the injured feline. A bakery run by students called Yinping said that they would donate half of their day’s profit to further treatment of the cat.

 By: News Reporting Team

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