Nepal: Joining China's "One Belt, One Road"

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Nepal Joins China’s “One Belt, One Road”

Nepal Joins China’s “One Belt, One Road”

(Nepal 2017 team member Lynn Li photographs the sacred lake Gosaikunda in Langtang National Park. ) The Nepal 2017 team, including six J-School students and professor John Noonan undertook a 15-day reporting trip, to explore the effects of Nepal joining China’s Belt and Road Initiative in May. Before the trip in August, two students on […]

Video: Lighting Up the Mountains: Micro-Hydro


   Lighting Up the Mountains: This short documentary piece explores how micro-hydro power plants are transforming mountainous, rural areas of Nepal in the renowned Annapurna region. The Nepal 2016 team also discusses micro-hydro with one of the country’s top thinkers, Anil Chitrakar, recognized as one of the 100 “Global Leaders of Tomorrow,”who sees the potential […]

Slideshow: Nepal 2016 — One Year After the Earthquake


   Nepal 2016 — One Year After the Earthquake slideshow. A photographic journey through the strength, sorrow, joy, whimsy, and resilience of the people and places encountered one year after the devastating 2015 earthquake, from which the country continues to recover. If you want to get a higher quality video, please click on this link: or

Video: Nepal 2016: One Year After the Earthquake


  One Year After the Earthquake. The 2016 J-School Nepal team returned to many of the same sites and even some of the same people interviewed in 2015; one year on, the Kathmandu Valley and many other places are still rebuilding and recovering from the quake. The team interviewed a wide range of people for the piece, from […]

Video:Porters: The Backbone of Nepali Trekking


Porters: The Backbone of Nepali Trekking. This short documentary film explores the hidden lives of men and women seen everywhere in the mountains of Nepal: Porters, those men and women who carry the luggage and loads that make Nepal’s trekking industry possible for travelers from all over the world. If you want to get a higher […]

Binod Bhattarai: Renaissance Man of Journalism

Binod Bhattarai: Renaissance Man of Journalism

Binod Bhattarai, a Nepalese journalist and long-time friend of the J-School, visited Shantou University last spring, to meet with students who had been or were on their way to Nepal in the summer of 2016.

Buddhist Wares Shop Survives Opening Day Earthquake

Buddhist Wares Shop Survives Opening Day Earthquake

“On the one hand, the number of tourists has had a slow rebound, on the other hand, I am seeking new business opportunities now,” Shakya said. One year after the earthquake, he never lose confidence about life.

Pokhara Regional International Airport: Hope or Hidden Danger?


An international airport in Pokhara is going to be completed by 2020. Earlier this year China agreed to provide technical and financial support for building the airport during the visit of Nepal’s Prime Minister K.P. Oli to Beijing.

The Day After Brexit in Pokhara, Nepal

The Day After Brexit in Pokhara, Nepal

A day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, the STU Nepal Reporting Team met with people on the streets to ask them what they thought about the vote that could have a lasting impact on global politics.

One Year After: Historic City of Bhaktapur Still Struggling to Rebuild


Bhaktapur, one of the most heavily damaged areas of the April 2015 earthquake, still has a number of people living in tent camps after more than a year. Damaged historical buildings are also prevalent throughout this historic district.


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