Nepal: Joining China's "One Belt, One Road"

The Day After Brexit in Pokhara, Nepal

A day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, the STU Nepal Reporting Team met with people on the streets to ask them what they thought about the vote that could have a lasting impact on global politics.


(data from BBC news “The UK’s EU referendum: All you need to know”)


Nepal’s relationship with Britain goes back 200 years, and Nepali Gurkha soldiers still serve in the British Army. The STU reporters spoke to both Nepalis and foreign tourists to find out what they thought was ahead.

(Joy Poppe from UK)


“I am annoyed about that,”said Joy Poppe, a British citizen on holiday, who now lives in Switzerland. She added, the world is expected to work together and unions can help reduce the threats of war.


(Jennifer Jarati and Charlotte Baratt from UK)


Jennifer Jarati and Charlotte Baratt, from England, said Britain’s exit was bad for the economy and it could make travel difficult for to the EU. However, they also mentioned that it was something new for UK and they would have to wait and see how thing go.



(Deepak Bastola from Nepal)


“I was absolutely shocked with that news,“said Deepak Bastola, a professor at the local college who also doubles as a tourist guide. He was afraid that the UK could be isolated from the rest of the world, including Nepal. How the EU exit by Britain will affect Nepal is still something that is not fully known because Nepal is one of those countries that receives a sizable amount of UK aid for development, and also one that sends young Gurkhas to serve the British Army.


(Rudy Brider and Vreni Brider from Switzerland)

Rudy Brider and Vreni Brider, Swiss citizens, were glad that a member finally decided to leave European Union.

“Maybe this is the beginning of many other countries also leaving the Union,“ Mr· Brider said.

Written by Roy Luo

Photo by STU Nepal 2016 Team

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